Haunting Smells

This past Saturday my family took a trip to the local storage company to sign up for a 10×10 while my husband is deployed. 

When we walked into the front office I was transported to my first boyfriends house by the smell of the air freshener on the wall. I was walking through his house with butterflies in my stomach. I saw his childhood photos on the tv stand and his mother was in the kitchen smiling at me with a cup of coffee ready for me. I felt his hand in mine and our fingers entwined. 

My mind kept flashing back and forth between the past and present. I wasn’t in his house. I was in this small office signing up for a storage unit. But I could taste his coffee and cigarette kisses. I could feel his curly hair on my fingers. The hard chair under me turned into his futon. 

I felt bad because here I was with my husband and daughter but I couldn’t stop my brain from thinking back and remembering Cody and the smell and feel of his home. 

I guess smell memory is a strong sense because I was remembering history vividly as if 10 years hadn’t passed. All of this was caused by a single air freshener. I should have asked the lady for the name of the scent but I didn’t want her to think of me as strange. 

I wonder if his house used the same air freshener or if something else caused his house to smell that way. Either way it was a haunting experience. Have you ever experienced this blur in time caused by one of your senses?