2017 Personal Goals Mid Year Reflection

My friend, who inspired me to make the goal post for the year, recently posted her mid-year reflections. I thought that was a good idea too. So here I am again, using her post to inspire one of my own.

After reading through my “goals” though I realize that I can’t really address those without admitting that my life is completely different now: new address, a job, and a divorce. Lots of changes have happened since I posted my goals on January 9th.

Let’s take a look at my goals and whether or not they are still applicable.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Well, since I’m the one that moved out and started the divorce to find my “happiness” I guess I’m taking care of myself. I try to maintain self care as well. I take the time to do things that will make me happy. I’m still struggling to find my happiness though, but I continue to try to take care of myself. A couple of times I’ve had some really low points this year, but recently I made an appointment to see a professional so I think that is part of taking care of me too. Taking care of my mental state is just as important as anything else.

2. Get Back into Music

I have definitely done this. I have had plans to go to four music events this year and I have gone to 2. Due to what I mentioned in the first goal, I backed out of two of them due to depression and anxiety. The two I attended were phenomenal though. I went to a festival with three of my friends in march called Okeechobee Festival where we saw Wiz Kalifa, Donna Missle, Mike Posner along with some others bands. 


This past weekend I also went and saw K. Flay, Milky Chance and Grouplove with my best friend as well. We just made a day trip out of it and had a blast.

​I’ve been discovering a new band to fall in love with every month, pretty much. Joining Spotify at the beginning of the year was a good investment.

3. Rebuild Old Bridges

This is probably the one that is most upsetting. I have rebuilt some bridges but it seems that as I rebuild some, others get destroyed. It seems like maybe I can only maintain a couple at a time instead of trying to keep them all up and functional. I think for a while I was spreading myself thin trying to appease everyone and I got tired of it. This time in my life is about finding myself and my happiness; unfortunately that means that some bridges have been left by the wayside.

4. Keep Being Creative

I think I’ve maintained this goal as well. Every week I have taco Tuesday with my friend Sam and Bobby. We don’t make taco’s every week but since that was our first dish we made together that is what we continue to call our day each week. Every week we pick a new recipe and we chip in different ingredients to share the cost. We meet up, cook, and laugh. Taco Tuesday has become a treasured day I look forward to each week. I don’t know if you would consider cooking to be creative, but it definitely is in my book.

I have also been chalking more this year than I ever have in my entire life. I’m absolutely loving it. Coloring is my second artistic companion after chalk drawing.

My YouTube channel has taken a back seat still, but I’m hoping with this summer vacation that I will read more and film more.

5. Read Less

This was the weirdest one on the list. I have maintained this one the most. This past Sunday I finished my first book of the year. It is pretty crazy to think that by this time last year I had already read around 30 books. In the meantime I’ve watched way too much Netflix, I’ve enjoyed a lot of time with friends, and I’ve taken many naps. I think all of these things have helped with goal 1 (self care).

With all the changes this year, I’m kind of afraid to see where the rest of the year is going to lead me. I guess we will see in my End of Year Goal Reflections.


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