Bus Trip

A while ago I added “get lost on the public buses” to my immediate bucket list. 

I decided to take that trip today. An all day bus pass only costs $4. It’s a cheap way to just hop around town and see where the day takes you. 

I quickly realized that my subconscious wasn’t going to let me get lost. It had a plan of its own. 

On my journey I made many stops, all of which were photographs of the past with friends and loved ones. It turned out to be a trip down memory lane. As I smiled at each memory I began to realize that I’ve had a really good life. 

Yes, I have Harry Potter moments where I mention some of the hard cards I’ve been dealt in life, but I’ve had really great moments as well. Every place I stopped today had some great memory associated with it. It’s time for me to recall those memories more often than I recall the bad ones. The small happy memories outnumber the big sad memories by far. It’s time to look at it that way and appreciate the experiences I’ve had in this life. 

The last lesson on this bus trip was realizing my own independent strength and where I got that strength from. My mother taught me to ride the public buses. She didn’t let the fact that we were without a car stop her from doing things that needed to be done. I know she was dependent on my brother and I in a lot of ways, but what I didn’t realize until today was that she was also fiercely independent as well. I appreciate the lessons she taught me, and I appreciate my own strength. 


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